About Me

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to peruse my story. I have a traveling music ministry with two CDs out. My wife sings with me when her work schedule allows and has on occasion flown out to meet me and help me finish out a tour, and I must say that she compliments me greatly. This is a brief biography of what I do and where I come from.

I have been bringing my own blend of Christ Centered Music that I call simply "Gospel Americana" (A mixture of Folk/Country and Soft Rock) to churches around the USA since 1990.

B.C. - While I was still in my teens, I started to make a name for myself as a "side man" and session player in New York City’s Greenwich Village. My life back then consisted of backing up the folkies and rock bands, and playing all the clubs that were so prolific in the "Village" back in the sixties. I later got called out to the West Coast and fast found myself into the Country and Folk/Rock music scene that was happening in L.A. during the 1970's. I toured and recorded for over ten years with the legendary and pioneering Singer/Songwriter Gene Clark. Toured the UK with the Byrds in '76 with an album resulting from the London concert. After this, later collaborated, performed, and recorded in a band with former Byrd, Burrito Brother, and B-Bender creator, Gene Parsons.

peter and old band

A.D. - In the early eighties I met the Lord Jesus quite unexpectedly but welcomed Him exuberantly!!! After a few years of solid discipleship God opened the way for me to go out as a Gospel singer/songwriter/minister. I, and later, after my marriage, my wife (in accommodating intervals), have been touring since 1990 across the USA to mostly Calvary Chapels with which I have been associated since the mid eighties.

With my cars (and there have been many), the songs the Lord has given me, my Bible, guitar, and prayer, I can say that God has truly blessed me with this ministry that has had me across this country numerous times and into Mexico & Canada.

Whether I'm traveling solo or with my wife, I remain in touch with my Pastor and my church, - And, ALWAYS! The Spirit of God as my constant traveling and ministry companion, and......The ultimate bringer of "His" blessing for all who hear!

I realize that some of you may not know or have heard about me. I am more than willing to discuss all details of what I do in depth and to furnish you with any references or other information(s) you may need to be at ease with this ministry, so, please don’t hesitate to ask. Your prayers are appreciated and greatly encouraged to help hold up this ministry as we travel to your church.

My wife and I thank you in advance! God Bless, and Maranatha!!!

peter oliva